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Podium North is one of the largest online media ad networks reaching Finnish speaking customers. Over other large Finnish language ad networks, our competitive advantage is very precise target groups.

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For advertisers, our network offers great visibility. We optimise the visibility and reach of our customers by keeping the number of separate advertisers very limited.
Sports Media
Higher Education
25-54 Years old
Income over 40 000€
Other Media
Higher Education
25-54 Years old
Income over 40 000€


Podium North Ad Network currently consists of 12 sports media and 10 other media. We also have a wide Social Media Network in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at your service.

Arvokisat provides a vast coverage on sports all over the world. Whether it's about ice hockey World Championships, Kimi Räikkönen or for example Iivo Niskanen, Arvokisat is covering when something happens in the sporting world.
Impressions: 112k/month
Visitors: 45k/month
Eurheilu.org is a rapidly growing news media which covers the much spoken world of gaming. Eurheilu as branch is growing explosively and Eurheilu.org is on top of that growth.
Impressions: 360k/month
Visitors: 90k/month
Laliiga.com is the only news site in Finland specialized in Spanish Football. Whether you wish to be linked with Barcelona, Real Madrid or Lionel Messi, Laliiga.com is the place to be.
Impressions: 810k/month
Visitors: 90k/month
Leijonat.com is the home of every Leijonat fan. Real-time news site offers everything regarding Finnish national team ice hockey - the undoubtedly strongest sports team brand in Finland
Impressions: 2,7M/month
Visitors: 360k/month
NHLSuomi is the biggest and most comprehensive news site specialized in NHL in Finland. Thanks to real-time news production and unique content, NHLSuomi reaches consumers interested in NHL several times a day.
Impressions: 2,3M/month
Visitors: 270k/month
SuomiF1 is the biggest motorsports-only news site in Finland. Whether it's about Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas or Kalle Rovanperä, SuomiF1 is the place to be.
Impressions: 900k/month
Visitors: 158k/month
SuomiFutis covers all the major topics in football - every day. Real-time football news from Finland and all around the world - that's what SuomiFutis is about.
Impressions: 1,1M/month
Visitors: 180k/month
SuomiKiekko offers the most comprehensive news coverage in the world of hockey in Finland. NHL, Liiga, KHL, national teams - we've got them all covered.
Impressions: 4,5M/month
Visitors: 540k/month
SuomiKoris is the biggest basketball focused news site in Finland. SuomiKoris provides all the latest from NBA, Korisliiga, national teams etc.
Impressions: 112k/month
Visitors: 45k/month
SuomiUrheilu provides news coverage for all the other sports except ice hockey, football and basketball. If you want to be linked with for example cross-country skiing, athletics or snooker, SuomiUrheilu is just the right place for you.
Impressions: 450k/month
Visitors: 158k/month
Susijengi.com is a news site focused on basketball Team Finland. Susijengi.com provides the most interesting topics related to the Finland's most refreshing national team brand - every day.
Impressions: 90k/month
Visitors: 45k/month
Valioliiga.com is the most comprehensive and first-rate British football focused news site in Finland. The English Premier League has a huge and committed group of consumers in Finland. Valioliiga.com reaches these consumers several times a day.
Impressions: 2,3M/month
Visitors: 203k/month
Making magic in the kitchen starts here. Read about the best cooking tricks, finger-licking recipes, and food-related news! Make sure you have time for cooking as Herkkusuut will make you hungry!
Impressions: 500k/month
Visitors: 300k/month
Connect with users all around Finland in one platform - Kuvake.net! See and comment on the latest pics, chat with others, make your own gallups, and find the love of your life in the dating section.
Impressions: 4M/month
Visitors: 75k/month
It's all about funny, odd, brilliant photos —all images provided by our Kuvaton.com users.
Impressions: 1,5M/month
Visitors: 70k/month
Metropoli.net is dedicated to all the latest entertainment news in Finland and around the world – the site never sleeps. Whether you are looking for current topics or all-time favourite viral videos, this is the place to be.
Impressions: 2,5M/month
Visitors: 750k/month
Nainen.com is a dedicated lifestyle website for women only. From relationships to traveling and fashion, we deliver the best tips to make your life as a woman spark!
Impressions: 350k/month
Visitors: 180k/month
If it’s hotness you are looking for, Selfiet.net is where you should head to. Browse through all the most amazing selfies, there’s something for everyone!
Impressions: 150k/month
Visitors: 50k/month
Sketsi.net brings on the laughs. From hilarious home videos to hidden camera pranks and lifestyle news, we have it all. Time is well spent here.
Impressions: 150k/month
Visitors: 90k/month
Tinderinparhaat.com provides all the best and worst pick up lines, bravest profiles and unexpected stories from the world-leading dating app – all in one place.
Impressions: 50k/month
Visitors: 35k/month
Viikonloppu.com tells you the stories you thought are impossible before it happened, and the mistakes someone else did. It’s good to laugh for your blunders, but it’s funnier when someone else does it.
Impressions: 4,5M/month
Visitors: 1M/month
Vuodatus.net is a Finnish blogging community. Start your own blog with a few steps or read what other Finns have in their mind!
Impressions: 800k/month
Visitors: 450k/month

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